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Why BBW Dating?

Why Date BBW girls? Here's a few good reasons why BBW girls are the best lovers!

One of the most common questions concerning BBW dating sites is why not just look for fat girls in one of the thousands of other established dating sites out there? It is true that a match making site targeted at the general audience will always have a bigger membership base than a BBW site, but you just won’t really get the same type of girls. Bottom-line, it all boils down to quality versus quantity. Real life BBW girls are quite a bit different than what you may see on the web or on TV. Sure, many of these girls may look very hot, but they don’t really feel so secure about their bodies and they tend to have self-esteem and confidence issues. Yes, you may find them in regular online dating sites, but there they will be as defensive and insecure as when you meet them in a club, a bar or a disco.

Are things any different in a BBW dating site? Definitely! The biggest difference is that the girls who come to this type of site do so expecting to meet men that find fat, chubby or big girls to be sexy, attractive and appealing. This in itself is a big boost in their self-esteem, and when these big girls are confident, it really shows as soon as you start interacting with them. The girls that you will meet in these sites also have more realistic expectations. A BBW chick dating in a regular site actually thinks she’s the hottest thing around and can compete with all size 0 stunners on the site, so don’t be surprised to run into some really cocky and arrogant attitudes. You don’t get none of that when you are meeting girls in a BBW oriented dating site; these girls are just happy to be able to chat and make friends with a guy who finally finds them interesting and doesn’t worry if they have a few extra pounds. This makes them much more open to your advances and you will discover that once the ice is broken, these sexy fat girls will open up to you real quick. Fat single girls know how tough the dating market is, so they tend to be team players; this means they won’t make it hard for you to get to them, and will actually go out of their way to make it known that they are into you. Chubby girls are used to either passing unnoticed or being the target of all the fat jokes and mean spirited teasing, so you just can’t expect them to act and behave naturally in a regular dating site. These are just a few good reasons for you to join BBW specific dating sites if you are interested in big, chubby girls.